Rider’s Log: Supplimental

Fun Day 29 Anecdote: When biking from our Brownsville church down to the showers, an extremely rotund shorthair mini-dachshund began yipping away and bluffing… 

Lola The Overstuffed Weinerdog was owned by one Mr. McManus. McManus apologized for Lola’s behavior and set her on a picnic table as punishment. Of course she was too short and plump to descend unassisted; no dox is an island. 

McManus mentioned that he too had crossed the USA by bike – in the early 1980’s. In fact, he still rides the same bike! It is, in fact, right over here next to the RV…

His old reliable Trek touring bicycle has a familiar aesthetic; familiar low-rider rack placement; familiar fenders. Maybe the 1980s rim brakes were different and perhaps the rake was just a little off and then the extra shifter was apparent… but by golly does the thing look like my modern custom Nickel City Cycles touring rig. 

We chatted for a few minutes about McManus’ WA-to-VA route and his American Lung Association fundraising. Lola grumbled some more. We parted ways like many others along the trail: “safe travels” wished; two tangential paths brought together for brief minutes by a love of the bike. 

–BJJ Out–

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