Day 28


Elkader, IA
Field of Dreams! The Music Man! Full day of I-O-WAY. Spent most of the day riding with others (i.e. ‘clinging to Kurt’s wheel in intense crosswinds) in the sun, and got slammed with frigid sharp rain about an hour before camp. Cool bar for a rest stop that had nice woodwork and a saw-clock.Kurt, Adam, Tony, Bob, and I detoured on gravel to see the Field of Dreams set. Very low-key and cool. We got to round the bases on bikes, and I CX-carried the Enterprise for another run!

Encountered very Maine-esque hills with Indiana-esque headwinds, which keep you on your toes. Elkader seems to be a neat town, with kittens and old race horses that Shannon and I visited. Sleeping in a church basement and fed by generous hosts. 

Rose: Many memorable experiences and photos today!

Thorn: Icey, hard-driving rain was particularly unpleasant. 

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